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Outdoor Paver Path

Outdoor Paver Path

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"Turn your garden into an outdoor paradise with our plastic paving moulds".

Thanks to the ease of use of our molds, you can pave your garden

yourself without having to call in expensive professionals. Plastic

molds  are flexible and durable, so you can reuse them as often as

you like. This saves you time and money, while creating stunning results.

The mold is reusable, The molds can be reused just after the first part of the garden has been wormed, as there's no need to wait. (Don't expect it to be completely dry, de lo contrario, will be very difficult to leave).

As well as being practical and economical, our plastic molds offer a wide variety of paving patterns. From classic pavers to more modern designs, you're sure to find a model to suit your personal style and taste.

Join over 100,000 satisfied women and men who adore their purchase, and we are certain you will love it too.

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The DIY plastic concrete mold creates the effect of stone blocks, perfect for creating your own style of garden consignment.

-The mold is easy to clean and takes up little space, as you can easily add it to your terrace or create a new path that combines perfectly.

-The Path Maker mold is a pavement mold used to create a concrete garden path. It features irregularities that allow you to turn the concrete paste in the mold and then align the top part by hand.

-Once you're safe, remove the mold and lay the stone arena (or cephalic plant) in the spac


Step-by-step instructions for using your garden path mold.

1-Rake the area in which you want to place your stones and lay your mold.
2-Prepare concrete in a separate container
3-Pour the wet concrete into the mold of the path machine.
4-Use a board or other straight tool to smooth and level the surface of your concrete.
5-While it's still wet, you can add decorative elements to your concrete: shells, foot or hand prints, stones, colored glass, etc.

6-Use a trowel to smooth out the added elements, if necessary.
Leave overnight.

7-Remove the mold



1-The mold is reusable. You can clean them by spraying them with a garden hose.
2-The molds can be reused immediately after pouring the first garden stepping stone, so there's no need to wait (don't wait until it's 100% dry, otherwise it will be very difficult to remove).
3-The thickness of the concrete can vary according to your garden stepping stone requirements. A wetter concrete mix for concrete molds is used to achieve garden stepping stones with a ground/lower level, and a stiffer concrete mix is used to achieve garden stepping stones with a stone/higher level.

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