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Retractable Clothesline Stainless Steel

Retractable Clothesline Stainless Steel

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Are you short on space to dry your clothes?


The portable wall-mounted clothesline solves this problem by saving

space while providing large capacity for hanging your washed clothes

with its wall-mounted design.

Join over 100,000 satisfied women and men who adore their purchase, and we are certain you will love it too.

Some Of our happy clients: 

Patrick ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Perfect for what I need. Installed easily. The cable line is strong that locks in

place. I like that. This retractable clothesline gave us the space saving way to dry

clothes. I highly recommend it and Exactly as described.


This is my second purchase, All I cant say that this product saved my

life , I bought one for my home, and this one for my office.I'm happy

to say this product is awesome ;I highly recommend.

Aziza ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is amazing! It is sturdy enough to hold sheets and other laundry items. It

was very easy to install and practically disappears when not in use. I would

definitely recommend this great product!

Frank ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I'm happy to say this product is awesome! Installing it was a piece of cake and

aesthetically it is barely noticeable when retracted. It holds everything it

promised, even heavy stuff like wet towels and jeans. I recommend it to anyone

looking for an easy, stylish and reliable solution for hanging clothes in a small


Easy installation

This type of clothesline can often be installed without the need to drill holes in the walls. This can be beneficial if you don't want to damage the surfaces in your home.

No more space constraints for drying

Retractable clotheslines are designed to be unobtrusive when not in

use. They retract into a compact case, saving space when you don't

need to use them.

Dry your clothes even when it rains

No longer depend on the sun for drying clothes. This rope allows you to dry your clothes efficiently, even indoors.

How To use

Product Size:

Package includes:

1. Plastic expansion tube*8pcs+screw tube*8pcs

2. Space aluminum box gasket

3. ABS plastic box body

4. Space aluminum seat gasket

5. ABS plastic card holder

6. No-nail glue

How can I get the product?

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