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Bluetooth Sleeping Headset

Bluetooth Sleeping Headset

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Are you tired of tossing and turning at night, struggling to fall asleep?

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a peaceful slumber with

our Bluetooth Sleeping Headset. Designed with your comfort and

relaxation in mind, our headset is the perfect companion for bedtime


40,000 Well-Rested Customers and Counting!

Hear how the our product has upgraded their relaxation time.


Love the new silk headphones.. I'm able tolisten to my favorite

podcasts in bed every night without bothering mywife.


I work as a cna on nightshift. Keeps me awake too...i know it says sleep headphone, lol!


Nice quality well made headphones. Easy to use, just charge the set up and once it is fully charged, press the button on the photo to connect it to bluetooth. I wear them EVERYWHERE even if I'm not using them for sound lol.


These don’t hurt your ears or nothing! And if you wanna wear headphones to work these are very discreet and won’t get you caught and they are comfortable it feels so good not having things in your ear


✅ Built-in HD stereo speakers and a microphone, making it perfect for hands-free listening

✅ Wireless Bluetooth connectivity for hassle-free audio streaming

✅ Comfortable to wear for hours with it's super soft and breathable material

✅ 10 hour play with just 2 hours of charge time

✅ No awkward headphones or painful earbuds

✅ Can be worn over your eyes to black out light

✅ Can also be worn during exercising




Wear it while on-the-go for one of your workouts. Enjoy music,

podcasts, and  audio books while your cycle, jog, and gym without any

discomfort or hassles.


Listen to your guided meditations in the day-time too and enjoy the

superior  comfort of quality materials that won’t distract you from

your practice.


Its compact and foldable design makes it easy to carry in your bag,

ensuring you  get the same quality of sleep no matter where you are.


Turning On :

1)To turn on or off your headphones, press and hold on the on/off button in the center for about 3 seconds. When it is on, you will see colorful lights above the on/off button.

2)To pause or play, click the play/pause button while the headphone is on. Do not hold down on the button, or you will turn it off.

3)The plus and minus buttons on the outside turn the volume up and down. You can also turn your volume up using your phone, tablet, or other device.

4)Once on you can connect to your device using bluetooth. Go to the bluetooth settings in your device and find BT-01. Click connect and you will be connected.

5)There is also a mic in the bluetooth box to make calls.

Charging :

1)To charge your headphones, look under the bluetooth box on the

inside of the headband. You should see a small opening (pictured

above) to plug your charging cable into. You can use the charging

cable provided or any micro-usb cord.

2) It takes approximately two hours for the headphones to reach full

charge, and the full charge lasts for 10 hours of use.

Rest Easy...Your FAQs answered here

Q : Is it compatible with my phone, tablet, TV, etc?

                     A  : Bluetooth Headphones are compatible with any electronic that                                   has  Bluetooth capabilities. All smart phones, smart tablets,                                         computers and most smart TVs have Bluetooth abilities.

Q: What are the shipping times to Tanzania 

                            A :We offer tracked and insured shipping for all orders. Order                                          processing typically takes 1 business day before shipment but it                                  can take up to 2. 


Bluetooth version: 5.0 + EDR

Wireless Range: 45-65 feet

Rechargeable Lithium Battery: 240mAH

Micro USB Charger: 5V/0.5A

Charge Time: 2-2.5 Hours

Music Playing time: Up to 14 hours

Package Includes

1 x Bluetooth Headband
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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